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Need Money Desperately

Do you need money desperately? We can help. Take a minute and get a fast and free loan quote for the money that you need. There is no obligation and, if approved, you can have the money you desperately need in your bank account fast. Let’s get to it. How much do you need to borrow?

A man on an ipad who desperately needs money.

Fasst Cash Can Help

If you need money desperately, Fasst Cash can help. Let us get you a cash loan for the money that can get you out of your jam. Here is how it works.

Fill out the form at the top of the page to get a quote. Enter in how much you need, contact information and information about how you make money. Finish up with the bank where you want your money sent and you are all set. Then, just hit submit and let the magic begin.

If approved, one lender will make you a cash offer and you can review the terms of this offer at the lender website. If you like the offer, you can accept it and have money as soon as the next business day. It is just that easy.

How Fasst Cash Helps

At Fasst Cash, we are not direct lenders and that is a benefit to you, especially if you have less than perfect or even bad credit. With one lender, you have to meet one set of loan requirements. If you do not meet them, you get denied and the game is over. If you need money desperately, you can not afford to waste this time.

Instead of being a lender, we get you access to a large group of internet lenders. More lenders increases your chances of getting a YES in a hurry. Want to handle your problem quickly, this is the way to go.

Money You Desperately Need Money

If you need money desperately, a loan is a fast option, but it might not be the only option. Loans with bad credit can be expensive, so it pays to look at all of your alternatives. Let’s take a look at some alternative ways to get the money that you need.

Need 200 Dollars

If you are in a bind and need 200 dollars, a fast loan will do the trick, but there are other options, especially if you have a little time. Take a look.

  • Plasma Donation
    Can earn you up to $50 a donation and you can donate twice a week. This means that you may be able to earn your money in as little as 2 weeks.
  • Sell A Phone
    Websites like Gazelle will buy your last generation iPhone or Android device and they will even pay for you to ship it to them.

Need 300 Dollars

Need 300 dollars, we can help with a 300 dollar loan, but you may have other options. Here are a few possible choices.

  • Sell On Facebook Marketplace
    Facebook Marketplace has taken over where Craigslist left off. A huge market with a fraction of the scammers that were on Craigslist. Sell anything from couches to purses.
  • Get An Advance From Work
    Many employers are more than happy to give you an advance on your paycheck. Take advantage of this to get what is essentially an interest free loan.

Need 400 Dollars

If 400 dollars is the amount of money you need desperately, you have more options than a loan. Take a look at some possibilities.

  • Borrow From A Relative
    A loan from a friend beats an interest bearing loan any time. Just be sure to take the loan seriously and pay it back on time,
  • Give Plasma For A Month
    We already mentioned plasma, but at $50 a donation, if you give twice a week, for a month, you have your 400 bucks.

Need 500 Dollars

The higher that you go, the harder it gets to find the money. Still, you may have other ways to get 500 dollars than just a loan. Take a look below.

  • Sell Some Gold Or Silver
    Remember that jewelry that was all the rage in the 90’s, it’s not so hot anymore. Sell it to a gold and silver store and get some of the 500 dollars that you need.
  • Recycle Some Metal
    No, not just aluminum cans. Big scrap can earn you some big money. Think about old bed frames and worn out water heaters. This stuff can earn 30 cents a pound at a local metal recycler.

Need 600 Dollars

We are getting up there, but this is still possible if you need money desperately. Here are some possible options.

  • Get A Part Time Job
    If you have a bit of time on your hand, consider picking up a shift at the local Target or Walmart. It could get you the money you desperately need in just 3 or 4 weeks.
  • Sell Some Jewelry
    Is that gold watch doing you any good sitting in your jewelry box? Probably not, use it to get out of your present money jam.

Need 700 Dollars

If you want to avoid a 700 dollar loan, you might have a few options. Take a look and see if any of these work for you.

  • Borrow From Your Work
    Many employers will allow you to borrow against the money that you have already earned. It will all have to be repaid on your next check, but at least you will pay no interest.
  • Take A Credit Card Advance
    Got some available credit on your credit card? Use it for a cash advance. Keep in mind that this will generally default to the highest interest rate, but it is probably less than what you would pay on a bad credit loan.

Need 800 Dollars

The higher the amount gets, the more you will have to hustle. For 800 dollars, you probably will need to combine a few different money sources. Take a look.

  • Defer A Car Payment
    Call up your finance company and ask if you can defer a payment. This basically moves a payment to the end of your loan. It will extend your loan another month, but the extra interest added should be minimal compared to something like a payday loan.
  • Have A Garage Sale
    If you have enough stuff, you could raise all of the money that you need in a single weekend. Just make sure that you have enough signs to get people to your door.

Need 900 Dollars

You are really going to have to get to work if you need 900 dollars in a hurry. Take a look at some possibilities below and stack a few options to get what you need.

  • Sell On Facebook
    Facebook Marketplace is a great source of buyers and you can sell just about anything. You can even stack a bunch of smalls together and wind up with hundreds, 20 dollars at a time.
  • Plasma Donation
    Get up to 100 dollars a week by donating your plasma. It is easy and you can get your money while doing the right thing.
  • Get A Loan From A Friend
    Your friends are always there for you, so why not ask one for a little help. A free loan always beats one with interest just be sure to pay it back.

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