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Need 200 Dollars Fast?

If you need 200 dollars fast, we may be able to help. Take a minute and get an offer on the money that you need today. Even if you have bad credit, you may be able to get that approval. How much do you need?

Money in hand from a fast 200 dollar loan.

Get An Offer For $200

If you need 200 dollars fast, we can help you get an offer for the money you need, even if you have bad credit. We can do this because we get you access to a large group of lenders online who are used to working with all types of credit. We ourselves do not make loans, we just connect you to this lending group. Take a look at how it all works.

First, you have got to get your information into the quote form. Decide how much you need to borrow and then enter in your contact details and information about how you make money. You are also going to need a checking account, so have your bank numbers ready, this is how your lender will get you the $200 that you need fast.

After you submit your form, you will get a decision in short order. If approved, one of the lenders in the group will make you an offer. You will then need to read all of the details of this offer and decide if you want to accept it. Do not skip this step, make sure that you understand what you are getting into.

After all of this, if you like the loan, you can usually accept it online and wrap up all of the details fast. Your lender will then get you the money that you need ASAP.

Pretty easy, right?

Types Of Fast Loans For 200 Dollars

Depending on your lender and how much yo ultimately want to borrow, you might be offered several different types of loans. Take a look at some of the more common types.

Payday Loans

This is the classic cash loan and if you need 200 dollars fast, it can certainly get you that. It is not always the best choice for everyone, so be sure to investigate $200 payday loans before you accept one.

In short, it is a high interest very short term loan. Most of these loans are for just a few hundred dollars which makes it a candidate for your needs. Fees can be quite high though and usually start around $20 per $100 borrowed. This works out to be over 400 percent interest and it can go up from there.

Before you accept a payday loan, be sure that you can pay it back when it is due. You do not want to get stuck in a cycle where you constantly have to renew your loan.

Cash Advance

This is essentially just another name for a payday loan. A 200 dollar cash advance will have all of the same features. It is a low dollar loan that is designed to be paid back when you get paid again. Fees are something that you will need to watch out for. Make sure that you will be able to pay this loan back when your lender comes calling.

Installment Loans

If you need time to pay your loan back, an installment loan can give it to you. These loans are typically used for larger amounts than this, so you may need to ask for a higher dollar amount. Do not borrow more than you absolutely need though. The more you borrow, the more you have to pay interest and fees on.

Your $200 installment loan will still have fees and/or interest just like a payday loan, but the interest rate is generally less. You will be paying that interest over a longer period though, so keep that under consideration.

Emergency Loans

Both of the loans above fall under the category of emergency loans. These are loans that are designed to meet an immediate need. Because lenders know that you are facing an emergency, they usually fund quickly, often by the next business day.

If you find yourself needing emergency loans often, you should consider making some changes. An unexpected emergency can happen to anyone but if you need one of these loans for $200 more than once a year, you probably need to make yourself a new budget or seek consumer counseling.

Bad Credit Loans

Even if you have bad credit, you may be able to qualify for one of these loans for 200 dollars or more. Lenders offering these loans are used to working with less than perfect credit. They often use alternative credit monitoring services, so if you have a bad score with the 3 main bureaus, you still have a chance.

What you need to keep in mind with a bad credit loan is that it will be costly. If a lender is taking a higher risk, they will charge accordingly.

Same Day Loans

In an extreme emergency, you may want a same day loan. For the most part, online loans will not be paid on the same day. If you want a same day loan, you would usually have to contact a local cash store.

If, however, you can wait a bit, online loans may still be an option. You can get approved in the same day and get your money as soon as the next business day.

Handling Your Emergency

Once you have secured your loan, handle your emergency and then start planning on how to prevent this situation in the future. An emergency can happen to anyone, but you should prepare for them so that you do not have to take out an emergency $200 loan in the future. Here is what you need to do.

Write Up A Budget

Nothing too complicated, just right out what you spend your money on in a month. Rent, electric, food, fuel, etc. Once you have your budget, you can compare it with how much money you take home. If it is tight or you do not make enough, there is your problem. Make some cuts in that budget that will allow you to cover your expenses and save some money.

Open A Savings

Once you have room to save in your budget, open a savings account and get some back up money. It doesn’t take much money to make a huge difference over time. Saving just $20 a week will allow you to build a savings account of over $1000 in just a years time.

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